worst dinner ever…but i can use photoshop…


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Last night I found some tilapia just hanging out in our freezer, wondering why we hadn’t cooked it since I make fish at least 2 times a week. Normally my MO when it comes to fish, is a little lemon, a little dill and a little baking and volia. Fish. Boring but good fish.

So last night, I decided to get crazy. And by get crazy, I mean I went to Allrecipes and picked the 4th recipe down on the list. I was seduced by the soy sauce and the breading breading process. The result. Burnt fish. And burnt potatoes because I was too busy burning the fish to notice that my precious rosemary potatoes were dying a slow and painful death by fire.

The result? A dish of food all the same color.

Oddly enough, both J and the Littles ATE.EVERY.BITE and asked for more. So bascially, I’ve realized that I have been wasting my time trying to learn to cook. I just need to burn everything to look the same color so no one knows what they are eating and will just eat.

And now for something totally unrelated but I will try and make it related with an awkward segue…

I may not be able to cook but I sure can use the ol’ photoshop and customize a blog for someone.

My good friend Laura, let me practice my photoshop and CSS skillz on her little blogging home, Two Little Rockstars. She told me all she wanted was something rock and roll. And 70s. Well, what’s more 70s rock than Rolling Stone magazine?? So that’s what I did. Or at least tried to anyways. What do you think?

She said she loved it and I appropriately thank her for lying to me. I kid, I kid. She SWEARS she loves it. Which makes me happy that she’s happy with it. Now…go forth and meet these two ADORB kids from this blog. I ♥ them.

What about your blog? Can I practice on it too?


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